Monday, July 11, 2011

born again blogger

I have come back to the blogging society to share with the world my rekindled love affair with crafts, literature, photography, obsessions, and other lovely things.

With that being said, please visit my etsy shop!
** 508baldwin. Here's one of my paper pompom flowers i made for my wedding and you can get your very own too! =P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

big fish inspiration board

The movie is pretty complex (it is by tim burton), but non the less a terrific movie. When I think of the movie I think of vaudeville, daffodils, popcorn, lights, and the 1930s or 40s (I think). Forgive me, for this is really sloppy and my second one. I'll work on more later...

fire eater
daffodil field
red cocktail dress
birdcage veil
everything else from snippetandink